Do You Think Marijuana Charges Are Simple And Harmless? Think Again!

Regardless of one’s view on the legality of marijuana in this country, at present, it is still illegal in Texas. Depending on the amount involved, a marijuana-related charge can range from a first degree misdemeanor to a first degree felony. People who have been charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana take it lightly.

If you are determined guilty of being in possession of marijuana, you will be charged with a criminal offense. No criminal charge should be taken casually, as it may have a long-term effect on your career and goals, and anyone charged with a criminal offense should seek the aid of an experienced criminal attorney.

For many, the idea of a few public service hours and a rehabilitative class is a small price to pay for smoking weed. What many marijuana enthusiasts in Texas don’t realize is that it often isn’t the direct penalties that inhibit their lives if they get caught in possession, but rather the worsening collateral penalty.

In addition to the penalties directly imposed by the judge, one found guilty of marijuana possession can expect no less than two years of loss of their driver’s license. Adding insult to injury is the fact that one who has a marijuana suspension isn’t able to obtain a restricted license for one year from the date of the initial suspension.

As Texas has very little affordable and convenient mass transit, loss of one’s ability to drive for any purpose for one year can have a devastating effect. If you or someone you know faces a possession of marijuana charge, seek the counsel of an experienced drug crime lawyer. The upfront money to pay a drug crime lawyer will be money well spent considering the impact of losing your reputation and livelihood.

The law office of Cole Paschall Law offers comprehensive consultations so that you have a chance at avoiding severe penalties for your suspected crimes or at least get away with lighter punishment like community services. Contact the criminal law office of Cole Paschall Law, one of the best drug crime lawyers in Fort Worth, TX at (817)-477-4100, to start building a strong and impactful defense against your criminal charges.

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