Something that you should also consider is the capacity of your team. What specific skills do they have and which ones they can develop in the short, medium term to really maximize the use of the platforms they select.
There is a world of technologies within marketing, sales and services to connect with each other. In fact, the Martech conference focuses on talking about all the new technologies that have emerged year after year. Starting as Martech 5000 is now Martech 50000. Hence the premise of building a martech stack , which will allow you to gain visibility into how all the departments of the organization connect with their technology to really achieve the execution of your digital strategy.
They can be tools from MailChimp, Unbounce, some simple WordPress plug-in, Zoom to even something more robust like Salesforce.
On the other hand, there are “All-In-One” tools or platforms, which are the famous suites that contain a bit of everything. There are different types of platforms in this area, which are those that within the same platform already have all the modules or suites that have their add-ons or tools that are integrated to work as one.
Some examples of these are HubSpot, Adobe Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Eloqua, etc.
Advertising is often thought of as the main channel or the main component of the execution of our digital marketing strategy. We do not actually consider this channel to be one that we should regard as an accelerator. We do not always require such a large budget to really be doing digital marketing and in fact the goal is not to depend on it. If it is always important because it allows you to position yourself, and in digital channels unlike traditional advertising media, you always have a way to analyze and measure the return on investment.

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