DES-DD23 Exam Dumps – Specialist-Implementation Engineer, PowerProtect DD Exam

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DES-DD23 Exam Dumps - Specialist-Implementation Engineer, PowerProtect DD Exam

DES-DD23 Exam Overview

DES-DD23 exam is a qualifying exam for the Specialist – Implementation Engineer,PowerProtect DD (DCS-IE) Certification. DES-DD23 exam assesses the knowledge and skills to deploy and manage PowerProtect DD systems. This exam also covers the concepts, features, implementation and administration, and integration with other products.There are two parts in the DES-DD23 exam,you need to pass both parts to get your certification.
Part 1:
Duration: 90 Minutes
Number of Questions: 54 Questions
Pass Score: 63%
Part 2:
Duration: 30 Minutes
Number of Questions: 6 Simulations
Pass Score: 66%

Exam Topics

PowerProtect DD Concepts and Features (15%)
PowerProtect DD Hardware Installation (15%)
Cloud Tier Implementation and Administration (15%)
PowerProtect DD Implementation in Backup Environments and Integration with Application Software (15%)
PowerProtect DD System Administration (40%)

Share Specialist – Implementation Engineer, PowerProtect DD Exam DES-DD23 Sample Questions

A backup administrator is tasked with monitoring PowerProtect DD capacity metrics. The administrator is backing up 2 TB of data daily with a reduction rate at 5x. After data reduction, subsequent full backups compress down to 100 GB.
The initial backup requires 400 GB with a 10 percent increase in the data each day. Each incremental backup is 200 GB. After data reduction, each incremental backup is 20 GB.
What is the weekly burn rate (GB) after six daily incremental backups and one weekly backup?
Answer : A
What is the preferred method to ensure backups are protected against deletion or corrupt?
B.Dell EMC Cloud Tier
C.Retention Lock
D.Data Invulnerability Architecture
Answer : D
An administrator has retained snapshots for a single MTree and is trying to create a new one. An error message is received.
What is the reason for the failure?
A.The maximum number of snapshots has been exceeded
B.The user does not have the permission to retain more snapshots
C.There are not enough snapshot licenses
D.The DDOS needs to be upgraded
Answer : A
A storage administrator finished the zoning between the PowerProtect DD and the NetWorker backup server. How can they verify that the zoning was completed properly and the server HBA are visible?
A.scsitarget initiator show list
B.scsitarget show initiator list
C.scsitarget show initiator
D.scsitarget initiator list
Answer : A
Which command is used to check if NFS is enabled?
A.nfs enable
B.nfs status
C.nfs show clients
D.system show
Answer : C
What is a requirement to use the PowerProtect DD HA feature?
A.Each head unit requires its own FS25 shelf
B.Head units and nodes require an active/active configuration
C.A single set of shared storage
D.Dual set of shared storage configuration
Answer : D

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