At the root of every modern web application lies JavaScript. Being a flexible, complex programming language, it can be used to create full-scale applications. MEAN Stack is a collection of JavaScript technologies used to develop dynamic websites and web applications. MEAN is an acronym of a MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and Node.js. To become a good MEAN stack developer one must have a programming background with knowledge of JavaScript.

MongoDB: It is one of the most important NoSQL databases that are available in the market. It is written in C++ and is an open-source, cross-platform database. It prioritises performance over efficiency. Like JSON, it stores data using binary data type in key-value pair.

ExpressJS: it is a framework that is used to support and host Node.js projects. It can help in building smarter websites and web apps. Using Express, Node.js can be extended to build complete web apps.  With its mature, flexible and lightweight framework, it can be used to provide support for templates.

AngularJS: It is one of the most popular frameworks for building client apps using HTML, CSS and TypeScript. It helps to add interactive functions and AJAX-driven rich components. It adds MVC (Model View Controller) architecture in the browser-based application easing the development and testing process.

Node.js: It provides the run-time environment that provides a better nexus for running the server.

All of them work together to create a clean, coherent mechanism that can help in moving data from the user to the disk farm and back again. It provides a chance to developer to write an entire code in  JavaScript. Being open-source, the stack gets updated regularly. The massive module library of Node.js is a prominent feature of MEAN stack. AngularJS can be used to develop SPAs that normally include all information or functionalities of the user on a single page.MEAN stack uses very low memory footprint, keep your files organised and help in the rapid development of application and this is helping in raising its demand.

MEAN stack training in Kolkata prepares guides you in a way that an individual can learn it from the scratch. MEAN stack developer is a highly desirable and challenging occupation. It provides you with an opportunity to work on a diverse skillset and various code languages and application.

As a MEAN stack developer with experience, one could get into the area of Application Architecture(Technical Architect). With the advancement in technology and increase in websites and a wide range of demand of organisations, demand for engineers familiar with MEAN stack are increasing. One can create the most amazing and interactive application at an affordable rate using the MEAN stack.

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