Deaf Employee Finally Finds Equality In The Workplace


Deaf Employee Finally Finds Equality In The Workplace Good morning! It’s Monday, Sept. 13. Here are a few things to catch up on as you return to work from one of the final weekends of the summer.

Residents of southeast Texas are facing more heavy rainfall, and potential flooding, as Tropical Storm Nicholas makes its way to Houston and Galveston.
An American flag, with the help of a quick-thinking couple, is credited with saving the life of a cat that found itself in danger at a college football game.
Police officers and firefighters quickly evacuted an apartment building in suburban Atlanta before it exploded, as only four people were injured in the blast.
ICYMI: Patch editors told 20 stories of valor on the 20th anniversary of 9/11.
Fighting Ignorance In The Workplace
Nichelle Frederic has, for years, had to overcome more obstacles than most while on the job.
As a deaf person, it’s not only her hearing difficulties that has made it tough to succeed. It’s the ignorance of others.

When her supervisors at a well-known clothing company failed to give her the proper tools to do her duties, she was forced to struggle through conversations over walkie-talkies and on the phone – a tough task for someone with hearing loss.

But now, as an employee of Easterseals New Jersey, the 26-year-old is helping make things easier for others in the Garden State with disabilities.

“It’s the greatest thing that I don’t have to constantly remind someone of my needs,” she said. Read the full story on West Orange, New Jersey, Patch

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American Flag To The Rescue On 9/11
An American flag saved the life of a cat who fell from the upper deck of a college football stadium. On September 11, no less.

University of Miami facilities manager, Craig Cromer, have had Hurricanes’ season tickets for years. The couple hangs an American flag on a railing in front of their seats every game.
When they saw a cat dangling from the section above them, they quickly positioned the flag to break the cat’s fall. Watch it here via Miami Patch

An American flag, similar to one shown here in Colorado, was used to rescue a cat that fell from the upper deck of Hard Rock Stadium in Miami during a college football game Saturday night. (Photo by Chet Strange/Getty Images)
9/11 Stories of Valor
Any American age 25 or older likely remembers where they were on Sept. 11, 2001, when the country was under attack.

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