Cultivating culture – Do’s and Don’ts with children

Culture forms an integral part of children’s personality and behaviour and affects their mentality in a variety of ways. It is essential to infuse your kids with the right cultural values right from their childhood. While many parents are aware of this and try to cultivate culture among their children, many of them fail to make much progress. This is primarily a result of the parents not taking up the right approach to achieve this goal. Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts that you may follow while cultivating culture among your kids:

What can you do?

· Take them to cultural programs: Attending cultural programs is an effective way to learn about the culture. One of the reasons behind this is that cultural programs are usually entertaining and it helps to cultivate culture among the kids in a fun way.

· Use examples to teach them about the Indian culture: One of the notable features of the Indian culture is that it is rich in examples. You may share these with your children, telling them about the good deeds of great people. Learning always becomes much more effective when examples are provided.

· Nudge them to make the right friends: Children are greatly influenced by their peers and this can be either an advantage or a disadvantage. If you help your children make friends with tradition-oriented kids certainly cultivate the Indian culture among them. Take your children’s friends when you go out to a temple and share stories with them all so they grow together.

· Use books and games: Children find books and games to be interesting and you can use them as a means to teach your kids about the culture. Expose your children to books and games that would give them a good impression of the Indian culture.

· Tell them stories: You might want to spend some time telling your kids stories from the Panchatantra and other similar books that would teach them cultural and moral values.

Other than these methods, you may also shape their personality by encouraging them to wear traditional clothing and encourage nutritious traditional foods. If you can afford it, you may also invest in events involving the Indian culture.

What shouldn’t you do?

· Prevent unwanted influence: Allow your children to get acquainted with other kids even if they have different perspectives. The more they learn about other cultures, get them to be curious about our own Indian culture and share wow facts with them to fuel their curiosity.

· Do not force your kids: If your kids aren’t willing to make the choice you want them to, do not force them. Instead, find out the cause behind their choices and come up with ways to help them make the right decisions on their own.

· Avoid repetitions: Over-teaching your children can have negative results. Make sure that you don’t repeat yourself too many times and just focus on showing your child the way.

The cultural cultivation that a child undergoes plays an important when it reaches adulthood. If unaware of the native culture, the child may eventually feel alienated and out of place while trying to socialise. It would also become increasingly for your children to navigate through their personal and professional lives in that case. Cultivating culture among them at such a young age would prevent such failures.

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