Composite Table Tennis Rackets Grow in Popularity

Composite table tennis rackets have thin layers of carbon between the layers of wood. When combined with a high-quality set of table tennis rubbers, they can improve a player’s game. A composite racket blade can feel stiffer and make shot control different at first. But players who learn to use them see improvements in their game. If you ask around among intermediate and pro players, you’ll hear more than a few enthusiastically endorsing composites. They cost more, and many people feel they are worth the added investment. If you’re curious, try one out and see how it affects your game.

It’s easier than ever to review hundreds of table tennis rackets before you make a purchase, thanks to online shopping. You can browse a range of sports retailers to check out their offerings. Also, don’t overlook specialty table tennis retailers. They know the game better and take it more seriously than mass merchants and big-box stores. You can also contact table tennis stores with questions and requests for advice. Often their salespeople are accomplished players who can share insights and their personal experience. Some online stores also have product comparison features that are helpful.

Make sure you shop around for a high-quality set of rubbers to go on your new blade. They have a significant effect on the speed and spin you can put on the ball. The racket’s grip also has an impact on your play – and should be chosen with your playing style in mind. Rackets can have even weight distribution or be top-heavy. Ask an advanced player to walk you through the differences and help you try each one before deciding on a racket. If you ask most table tennis players, they’ll tell you the racket is the most crucial piece of equipment. It’s why you don’t want to make an impulsive decision.

Smooth rubbers are the best choice for beginning table tennis players purchasing their first racket. A smooth surface is less likely to affect your play as you’re learning and developing your style. Rubbers are one of the most important reasons not to buy an off-the-rack racket from a chain store. They last for approximately a year, and you have no idea how long a pre-made racket (rubber already glued to the blade) has been sitting around. When you play with fresh rubber on your racket, you’ll notice the difference immediately. It’s why you want to buy them separately and glue them on yourself.


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