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Co-Fired Ceramics Market Industry Report Potential Growth, Share, Demand And Forecast to 2030

Co-Fired Ceramics Market are multilayer structure materials manufactured by firing together at the same time the ceramic substrate and any electric materials in a kiln. Common examples of co-fired ceramics are capacitors, resistors, inductors, and circuits. Co-fired ceramics market is expected to grow owing to massive demand and flourishing electronics and electrical industry. Co-fired ceramics are ubiquitous as they are used in a wide variety of electronics including military electronics, microprocessor and communication applications.

According to Market Research Future (MRFR), the global co-fired ceramic market is expected to garner a valuation of USD 1.2 BN by the end of 2030. In its recently published analysis, MRFR also asserts that the market would register a CAGR of over 4.45 % over the assessment period (2022-2030).

Major Players:

Players leading the global co-fired ceramic market include API Technologies (UK), DuPont (US), Murata Manufacturing Co., TDK Corporation (Japan), KOA Corporation (Japan), Micro Systems Technologies (Switzerland), Hitachi Metals, Ltd (Japan), CeramTec (Germany), Selmic Oy (Finland), Kyocera Corporation (Japan), Yokowo Co., Ltd (Japan), Ltd (Japan), NGK Spark Plug Co. Ltd (Japan), Murawa Co. Ltd (Japan), Nikko Company (Japan), IMST GmbH (Germany), among others.


The co-fired ceramic market is expected to grow at an impressive rate owing to massive growth in consumer electronics and falling cost of devices. The attractive properties of co-fired ceramics such as possibility of integration of passive electrical components in uniform films which increase the robustness of the assembly. The electronics and communication sectors are also witnessing a miniaturization trend driving a massive demand for thin film complex electronic packaging which is driving a large market for the co-fired ceramic market. Co-fired ceramic also offers advantages for encapsulation of complex electrical and electronics. Other attractive benefits of co-fired ceramics include cost savings and high frequency communication applications, low dielectric, matched impedance routing, suitability for use in extreme environment such as high temperature, mechanical stress, extreme humidity and others.

Global Co-Fired Ceramic Market – Segments

The report is segmented into four dynamics to widen the scope of understanding,

By Process Type    : Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic (LTCC), High Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic (HTCC) among others.

By Material : Glass-Ceramic, Ceramic among others.

By End-use : Telecommunications, Defence & Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Consumer Electronics, among others.

By Regions  : North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Rest-of-the-World.

Global Co-Fired Ceramic Market – Regional Analysis

North America dominates the global co-fired ceramic market with the largest market share. However, the co-fired ceramics manufacturing is shifting towards China, Vietnam and other developing regions owing to lower labour costs and low set up costs. The Europe co-fired ceramic market is self-sufficient in terms of volume: and is growing at a satisfactorily rate owing to innovation and value.

The Asia-Pacific co-fired ceramic market is expected to garner highest growth rate owing to massive adoption of electronics and the development of the electronics manufacturing industry. China has emerged as the largest manufacturing hub owing to government incentives and the trade agreements with the most favourable nation by the U.S. However, the ongoing trade dispute between China and the U.S. may hamper the market growth.

 The Middle East & Africa and the Latin America market have poor capacity as well as capability and are dependent on imports. Latin America is expected to develop as a low-cost manufacturing alternative to China.

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Global Co-Fired Ceramic Market – Competitive Landscape

The co-fired ceramic market is highly fragmented and competitive due to the presence of several players. The industry exhibits characteristics of a bulk low value high volume product, leading to pricing pressure. The shift of the industry to low cost destinations such as China and Vietnam have further compounded the issues of pricing pressure. The rising labour costs in China has led the industry to seek other suitable locations. India is expected to emerge as an attractive location.

Manufacturers are developing close relationships with the end user clients so as to develop custom built products. Integration of clients in the designing phase increases their dependency resulting in stable business revenue. Manufacturers of co-fired ceramic are also using a variety of distributions channels to address market penetration and revenue growth. They are also acquiring high tech firms with proprietary technology so as to gain the position of an industry leader.

Industry/ Innovation/ Related News:

11 October 2018—- : KYOCERA, the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of advanced ceramics and associated products has advanced its expansion plans in European and Asia by constructing a third plant in Vietnam resulting in increased production thereby improving in-house production and logistics efficiency to deal with the demand. The expansion of the Vietnam Plant is intended to serve not only as a manufacturing hub, but also as a Research & Development facility.

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