If you’re looking for a new mattress online or at a brick-and-mortar store, it can be a daunting and confusing task. Choosing a comfortable, affordable, and durable mattress requires extensive research and is no easy job. An average person spends close to 25 years of their life sleeping. So you’d want to make sure what you choose is nothing short of excellence.

Experts suggest replacing your mattresses every ten years. But once you’re ready to treat yourself to a new bed, the options may seem endless. The sheer multitude of possibilities makes the decision challenging.

Before you dive deep into the overwhelming variety of mattresses available online or offline, here are some basics that’ll help you choose the perfect bed.

There are usually three types of mattresses you would want to choose from – Innerspring, Foam, and Adjustable.

Innerspring Mattress:These offer strong edge support, are priced at a low average price point, provide better airflow, and have wider availability. 

Foam Mattress: These are widely available at a low average price point, offer better motion isolation, and are suitable for close conforming. 

Adjustable Mattress: These are easy to adjust, offer a longer lifespan, relieve muscle pains, and are available in split-bed options.

If you’re comfortable on bouncy beds, the traditional innerspring mattress may be your go-to choice. Innovate memory foam mattress options have different advantages, providing less bounce but more pressure relief, coziness, and coolness. Furthermore, adjustable beds allow each sleeper to make adjustments to suit their firmness preferences. 

Since no two customer preferences may be alike, cherry-picking isn’t possible. However, the type of sleeper you are might help determine a choice that would last long. In general, stomach and back sleepers favor less conforming mattresses, whereas side sleepers may choose softer support. Additionally, your weight and how cool or hot you sleep are also important determinants of the support you may favor. 

Besides your sleeping habits, durability, pressure relief, edge support, noise, temperature neutrality, and overall support also rate a mattress’s performance. 

When searching for a good deal, it’s reasonable enough to invest in a mattress set that wouldn’t drill a hole in your pocket. Knowing you’ve made the right decision will have you happily sleeping on your mattress for years to come. Also, before finalizing your choice, make sure you check out a few mattress sales for exclusive and limited-time offers to double your savings. As you shop around, you’ll find numerous options. So no matter which type you select, always ask a sales assistant to help you make a better choice.


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