Cheap Curtains Dubai Ideas for Curtain Rods

When you picture a designer, you tend to think of them as new and creative. Most of them don’t associate these aspects with their affordable prices. A very popular development trend is the use of everyday items for a unique twist. This is, of course, a really good thing as it is in the free category as there is generally no need to visit a store.

Most of these ideas can be hung with your regular curtain hardware that comes with a curtain rod. It’s always a safer bet to target cheap curtains dubai three hooks. One for each end and one for the center for a little extra support.

Men, both young and old, tend to enjoy certain sports. The only thing that is neat is the many things that can be made the curtain rod in this arena. Vintage sporting goods can be found in many places, from auto repair shops to local flea markets to garage sales. With a vintage style, it always adds flair to any room. A favorite of many people is the hockey stick. Another thing I’ve seen a few times is getting a paddle out of a boat or even a fishing rod.

If you have a country house, you may want to decorate this theme. What many people like is the use of tree branches. The more unique shapes are generally better. For added effect, leave the outstretched branches intact. It felt really neat.

Bamboo may be another sensation that will interest you. Many people found old bamboo torches in retired garages. Trim the ends to create a large curtain rod with a more oriental feel.

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