Monday, December 6th, 2021

Canadian viewers can find the games on TSN, CTV and CTV2.

The more value you bring to your clients or organization, the more you’ll be able to earn. Value, skills, and earnings are each other’s best friends.
In this article, I’ll mainly focus on those high-income skills you can learn in your spare time without a college or university education.
I think we can all agree that doctors, lawyers, or engineers are careers with high-income skills, but these skills can’t just be learned in your spare time without a formal education.
Content Creation
We live in a creator economy. Some of the biggest stars of today are YouTubers, Twitch streamers, or Instagram influencers. In fact, on average, we spend more time each day consuming digital media (such as YouTube or podcasts) than traditional media (such as TV or radio).
There’s a lot of money to be made in the creator economy. And no, you don’t need 100k+ followers to make some money online. Right now, I have 13.5k Medium followers (and roughly a similar size email list) and I make a full-time living here on the interwebs.
Keep in mind, even though literally anyone can start a YouTube channel or publish on Medium, content creation is a skill you need to develop. Your first videos or articles will likely suck and get zero views. That’s okay.
The important thing is that you’re getting started by developing your content-creation skills. You’ve joined the creator economy.

The NFL will have three prime time games with matchups slated for Thursday, Sunday and Monday. The Vikings already faced off against the Dolphins. On Sunday, it’s an AFC West matchup with the Chiefs taking on the Raiders. ESPN will have the next matchup of division rivals when the Rams travel to Levi’s Stadium to take on the Vikings.

The rest of the slate will be aired either on CBS or FOX. Check your local listings to see which games will be on your broadcast.

Canadian viewers can find the games on TSN, CTV and CTV2.

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