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Grocery delivery was not a million dollar idea at the start of 2019.
But the covid-19 changed every thing upside down.
Most people made a shift towards the online service providers.
Later they got used up to it due to the Convenience that they provide.
When you ask a question? Is there space for new entry in the market?
I would say yes,
The Industry welcomes you with a red carpet.
It’s all due to the minimal competition in the industry.
Let me first get you through the positive side of starting a Online grocery delivery store.
The positive face of online grocery delivery
  • Zero cash Spent on rent
You don’t need to spend a single penny for rent.
Since you are running a online business.
Eventually it would cut off the Overhead cost like pay to labour, electric charges etc.
  • No Restrictions on time
When you run a business, you could escape from the resistance caused by time.
You Could work 24/7 irrespective of time and serve a lot of customers.
This allows you to please the needs of the customer anytime which makes you an in despicable one in their minds.
  • Geography on our side
Physical store limits you to serve people only within a particular location.
Online store is totally a vice versa.
It gives you complete freedom in accessing customers from different location.
Having a wider span of audience would double up your revenue.
  • No contact delivery
Covid 19 needs a hats off because it had put an end too Direct human interaction.
It created a fear among our prospects.
To overcome the fear most of the delivery providers started providing Doorstep delivery.
As you are running a online business you could add this to your arsenal.
  • JIT Inventory
Running a business online has a added advantage.
You don’t need to maintain an inventory.
Every product Would be collected and distributed when the need arises.
This way of gathering and delivering a stuff on demand is called has JIT inventory or Just in Time inventory.
It saves money by avoiding wastage of goods.
How to start a online grocery delivery would be your next question?
I know that you are here to gather some insights over this questions
But its my responsibility to talk about the pros to.
You could create an Online Grocery Delivery system with the help of pre-designed Software,
nor, Hire a Professional to build one of your own.
How your platform should be?
It must be informative and user friendly.
Good Customer interface that should sort out and resolve the Customer Grievance.
Complete transparency. User-friendly setup and partnering option.
Advanced technology to match the real time requirements.
It must allow you to access customer Data.
It should be multi-lingual by nature.
It must support multiple currencies and integrate with many payment gateways.
It must have an integrated Web and mobile application( IOS and Android).
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