Build the Best eCommerce Software Freely with Sellacious

There are various ecommerce shopping cart development platforms available in the marketplace which claim to provide 100% reliable and robust features at affordable cost. But, in ground reality, there are only a handful of tools which actually stand true to their claim. The league of certain eCommerce software free development platforms is topped by Sellacious. It is the ultimate eCommerce shopping cart development platform with more than 5000 essential features available for the global audience worldwide to subscribe to and leverage its goodness to harness a fully functional, highly optimized to be automated for manual tasks and procedures and relishing user experience providing ecommerce software freely. 

With this platform, the store owner gets to access more than nine highly User experience principles-based curated front-end templates to subscribe for free and leverage to create their own storefront without the need of any prior technical knowledge or experience of creating, managing, operating a web store. These templates could be modified through the drag-and-drop-based template editors. Moreover, you as a store owner can define the roles and permissions which will manage their store on their behalf. They can define the permission level for each employee which can showcase the level of tweaks they could make to their eCommerce shopping cart software. The access to the number of templates increases as you level up with your subscription, that is to the lifetime or enterprise version subsequently. 

Also, you as a store owner get access to each and every template available via Joomla and Sellacious when subscribed to the enterprise version. When this version is availed, you as a store owner can upload as many products and variants as you want to. The number reduces as you scale down your subscription plan, which is up to 200K products and their variants could be uploaded in the lifetime version. But, yes when it comes to just starting your journey from scratch or understanding whether this particular software will suit your business needs, will stand future-proof to your requirements, and will stand up to your expectations of customer support and all-round business development and brand imaging, then you can start up with the freemium version at no cost and at any time. 

The customer support executives are available round-the-clock to hear your custom requirements, fulfill them, respond to your queries, be it a business, entrepreneurial, or related to the platform itself. These executives work 24×7, 365 days to cater the best to know, that too at absolutely no cost, unlike platforms like CS-Cart. There is a whole set of custom development teams available at the core of this platform organization which takes care of all the customer requirements which have to be built on a customized contractual basis. They deliver you 100% guaranteed results, timely delivery, and agile-based work model. 

You will have the access to the dashboards being consumed to see the timely deliverable, and also get to have an iteration sprint review and demonstration sessions, once you onboard this journey. The return on investments will be high for sure as compared to any other platform. Within the freemium version itself, you get the feasibility to upload many products, their variants, categorize them into major and sub-categories, embed widgets with many be inbuilt, custom-built, or third-party provided, create rules for shipment, inventory management, stock and exhaustion management, marketing, SEO/SMO, discount coupon generation, coupon generation, PWA compliant, omnichannel based shopping cart software development, multi vendor marketplace development, b2b, b2c, ir c2c – niche or multi vendor marketplace development, email marketing, transaction and performance reports, custom report generation, dashboard creation and management for overall bird’s eye view, payment option embedments, payouts scheduling, query for a price, call for price, feedback posting and moderation, review and ratings managements, custom registration form development, hosting solutions, and much, much more than told. 

You can also let the vendors in your multi vendor marketplace software create their own custom rules for the said and unsaid features which are available on this platform, explored when they onboard the journey. They can also develop their own front-end based on the company’s own guidelines for the aesthetics given and followed. Choose the best and go for this platform.  


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