Book Clubs are Ideal for Marketing a Book

Book clubs can add a generous amount of word-of-mouth marketing to boost a newly released title in today’s saturated marketplace. If you’re a self-published author choosing among book promotion services, promoting your work to book clubs can be significantly beneficial. First, find out each club’s demographics, interests, and how open they may be to your book’s themes. It’s also wise to inquire about the past few books they’ve read to help you understand their taste in books. It’s a great idea to follow the organizer or club on social media, and encourage them to reach out.

If you’re lucky enough that a book club selects your work to read, it’s time to help them get the most out of the experience. One way to get readers excited about your book is to provide a list of thought-provoking questions. They can be included at the back of your book, published in a handout, or easily downloadable on your website. Be reasonable, but make sure the questions spark a lively discussion. Clubs also generally appreciate it if you suggest creative ideas for their meetings, such as food or activities that tie into your book’s plot, characters, or locations. It makes their meetings unique.

Some authors go as far as offering to participate in a book club meeting – either in-person or online. It’s a thrill to meet an author for most club members, and a personal touch often turns the members into lifetime fans. If you agree to appear at the meeting, be on time, send questions before, and have some brief remarks prepared. You can bring up events and research moments in your life that have been inspirations for your book. You have a golden opportunity to touch off a lively discussion when you discuss controversial decisions by characters in your book and let readers give their personal views.

It’s always a nice touch to leave the book club members with complementary items such as bookmarks, postcards, or other premium items. As you get to know club members, there also may be opportune moments to request that they consider writing a review on one of their favorite online sites. If you explain the importance of reviews in today’s online bookselling marketplace, people may likely choose to help. If your book is for sale in a local independent bookstore, you can offer a discount to members who buy their copies there. Book clubs are excellent marketing opportunities.

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