Best Skin Doctor In Jaipur For Microdermabrasion: Skin Polishing

Skin polishing is a new rage among Jaipurites. Skin polishing or exfoliating the dead dull skin through some medical treatment is now not only popular among would-be brides or grooms but also among middle-aged men and women who want to regain the freshness that was lost in hectic schedules and responsibilities. 


So whether you are residing in Mansarovar, Vaishali Nagar, or Malviya Nagar in Jaipur, and are looking for the best doctor in Jaipur nearby, visit Dr. Sachin Sharda, the founder of Jaipur skin city for Microdermabrasion or what is normally referred to as skin polishing treatment. There are many skin specialists in Jaipur that promise to give you effective results of microdermabrasion, but fail. Microdermabrasion is a medical procedure that needs a medical degree from a Dermatologist and experience in the technology and equipment to perform adequate skin polishing treatment. 


The microdermabrasion treatment done by the best skin doctor of Jaipur will ensure you see no side effects of microdermabrasion like rashes, burning of the skin, or any allergy on the skin. He will closely understand your skin and will accordingly operate on dull and dead skin problems. 


Before going for a Skin polishing treatment, you should know the microdermabrasion procedure and what to expect from this treatment.


Read this blog further to know all about microdermabrasion from the best doctor in Jaipur.


What is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a type of exfoliation treatment demanded from patients with dull, tanned, or dead skin. It also helps to fade wrinkles and stretch marks; microdermabrasion will make your skin younger, softer, and shiny and help remove the deep scars caused by acne and pigmentation. 


Patients who suffer from deep acne scars should see a board-certified dermatologist in Jaipur to discuss their options. The skin specialist might also suggest resurfacing laser treatment, some dermal fillers, or chemical peels instead of only Microdermabrasion for treatment.


How Is Microdermabrasion Done?

“The microdermabrasion is a medical treatment which is performed with the help of micro aluminum oxide crystals or a diamond-tipped wand, or with the combination. “


The skin doctor tries to remove all outermost left of the dead skin so your skin starts to look fresher. At the same time, it’s building a static system so you would have more below on the skin as soon as the microdermabrasion treatment is finished. 

Stage 1 Of Microdermabrasion: Cleansing with Glycolic


The first step is to use a cleanser with Glycolic to clean off the skin’s extra pollutants. 

Glycolic is AHEA, an alpha hydroxy acid that goes a bit deeper than the other cleanser into your skin. It breaks down the glue in between your skin cells that stick them. It opens the pores so that when the medicine is applied after this cleanser on your skin, you have better penetration of the product, so you see better results.


Stage 2 Of Microdermabrasion: Peeling of The Dead Skin 

The second step is to peel on the skin with the steam and aluminum crystal. The crystal peel will lift all the dead skin layers from the skin. With adequate steam on the skin, we will have hydrating skin that will make it easier to pull out all those tiny blackheads and acne. 


Stage 3 Of Microdermabrasion: Soothing the Treated Skin 

Microdermabrasion is a process that needs few sittings to get a final result. To take care of the newly rejuvenated skin, a good skin doctor in Jaipur will recommend topical cream and pills to keep the new skin intact and protect it from any other infection or allergy.


Advantage of Microdermabrasion


Microdermabrasion really helps with lots of skin problems. It helps with the

  • Uneven skin tone
  • Blemishes 
  • Superficial pigmentation and
  • Scarring 


Take Away of the Blog 


Cleansing your skin in summers, winter or any day of the year is a very important part of your whole routine as every single day, your skin is exposed to so many environmental pollutants. You can exfoliate your skin either using home remedies or visiting the skin doctor in Jaipur. A skin doctor is best recommended when there is an acute case of acne scars, or any other scars or tanning. The other option is chemical peeling which is slightly different from microdermabrasion.


It is important to consult with the Best skin doctor in Jaipur for any skin problem as he understands the skin’s anatomy. Jaipur skin city provides a specialized microdermabrasion facility at affordable prices. And with proper know-how about microdermabrasion treatment and experience, Dr. Sachin Sharda stands out as the best skin doctor in Jaipur.

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