Best Gaming Laptops Under $900

If you’ve been browsing for the best gaming laptops under $900, you’ve probably come across all sorts of different CPUs and GPUs combinations.

That’s because a 900$ budget opens up a whole skew of new hardware (Ryzen 7s, Core i7s, 1660Ti, 2060RTX, 3050Ti on top of the usual Ryzen 5/Core i5+1650GTX found under 700$).

So if you’ve got a budget anywhere near 850-900$, you should be getting at LEAST a 2060RTX/1660Ti like GPU or even a 3050Ti.

Any of these GPUs (with any of the CPUs they come with) can output +100 framerates per second at ultra/epic settings in nearly every AAA franchise like Fortnite.

The latest and most popular GPU as of 2021, the 3060RTX, can output +100fps even in the most graphically demanding games like Call of Duty, Witcher 3, Final Fantasy, GTA, etc. Unfortunately, this is rare under 900$ and more common under 1000$.

The best part is that…

Any of these GPUs (especially the 3060RTX) can output more or less as many framerates a 2070/3070/2080/3080RTX would and obviously at a much affordable price.

There’s one more thing you should know….

A laptop around 900$ MUST come equipped with a 120/144Hz monitor, this isn’t necessarily going to bump up your gaming but it’s going to make everything look crispy and smooth because your hardware will actually be able to output +120FPS at high/epic settings.

Recommended Specs For Gaming Laptops Under 900

Anyways let’s get down to what you CAN find under 900 and what you SHOULD/SHOULD NOT be getting with a budget under 900$ or around 900$.


1050Ti: You’ll find a few of these under 900$ but you shouldn’t pay anymore than 650$ for one. That’s because…
1650: There are several models with a 1650GTX that cost anywhere from 680-720$. There are several models with this GPU above 800$ but they’re not worth it unless they’ve got a 144Hz display.
1660Ti: You’d be better off investing on this puppy which is still popular after all these years and can now be found well under 900$. This is still relatively powerful and can still compete with its newest 2060/3060RTX versions.
2060RTX: Despite from a new generation, this is only slightly faster than the 1660Ti. If you find it under 900$ , it may be worth it.
3060RTX: Before you pull the trigger on any of these GPUs, you should be searching high and low for a 3060RTX laptop under 900$. It is very unlikely unless you’re willing to 950$ so don’t be afraid to set for anything lower. A 3050Ti is just as fast as a 2060/1660Ti and definitely common under 900$.

GPUs found below 900$ you should stay away from if you want high/ultra settings: 940MX, MX150, MX230, MX250, MX350, 1050 (2GB), 1050(3GB),1050(4GB) AMD Radeon 540.

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