Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

Battlefield 2042 Is Crashing Xbox Consoles, Early Access Players Say

Albeit the most recent portion in the Battlefield series officially dispatches on November 19, people who given out additional cash to play Battlefield 2042 early say the game wont quit smashing on Xbox Series X.

Im simply playing a couple of moments, in some cases an hour and out of nowhere my entire Xbox closes down, peruses a post stuck to the highest point of the Battlefield 2042 specialized issues gathering.

Since yesterday evening, the string has accumulated more than 100 answers, by far most of which come from other Battlefield 2042 players portraying the equivalent issues. Some point out that the accidents have been a reliable issue since the game opened, while others notice they can just a brief time prior to experiencing another control center slamming bug.

EA people group reps appear to do all that they can to help disappointed players in the string, however the potential arrangements theyve providedsimple things like ensuring the control center firmware is up to datehavent stemmed the tide of grievances. Furthermore, comparative stories are beginning to spring up somewhere else, with many calling attention to that the issue was common in the beta also.

Played several matches with my mates, clarified one r/Battlefield2042 client. Then, at that point, the following match, I wasnt having issues for possibly 10 mins then blast, Xbox Series X totally shut off.

This genuinely should be tended to, composed another. At the point when you cannot complete a game and your entire control center turns off, its terrible.

I didn’t pay $120 just to have the game accident me back to the dashboard each and every match, said a third.

Truth be told, Battlefield 2042 early access costs extra. Regardless of whether its through pre-orders of the Gold and Ultimate Edition packs ($89.99 and $109.99 separately) or a functioning EA Play Pro enrollment ($14.99/month or $99.99/year), the players at present encountering these slamming issues are the committed fans who were able to pay more for the seven-day head-start.

While there are solitary reports of comparative issues on different stages, Xbox Series X proprietors give off an impression of being the most impacted by a sizable edge.

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