An unusual figure: How much money did Netflix spend on The Squid Game?

The Squid Game is just days away from its first month in the Netflix streaming service’s catalogand incredibly continues to be the most watched worldwide. The success of the series is already a fact after the numbers that position it as the biggest first in the history of the platform have been formalized. However, one question remained and we can now answer it: How much money has been spent?


Even if it has already been overtaken in various countries, such as in Mexico by a Marvel film, the fury seems far from over and everything indicates that for this October 17, 30 days after its release, it will remain on top. This led the Korean show to establish itself as the most watched of all with 111 million households playing it , surpassing the 82 million it had secured at Bridgerton .

+ How much did Netflix spend on The Squid Game?

According to what was reported by Lucas Shaw of Bloomberg , based on internal documents, Netflix spent a total of $ 21.4 million on The Squid Game . South Korea’s unprecedented success in music, television and film has led streaming to bet on content from the region and the movement has been a real success.

Only that money mentioned was the money they spent on making all nine episodes, something that seems unusual just looking at the cost of the other hits that make up the catalog . For example, shows like Stranger Things and The Crown cost between $ 8 million and $ 10 million per episode . Not to mention that none of the shows are in the Top 5 most watched on the platform.

More examples to show how profitable the series has been for Netflix, we tell you that WandaVision and Disney + ‘s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier cost up to $ 25 million per episode . The Mandalorian spent nearly $ 15 million per chapter . The morning show cost the apple $ 300 million for two seasons . And finally, The Lord of the Rings Amazon Prime series had a budget of $ 465 million .


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