An Insider’s Guide To Holsters For Your Belt

We at On Your 6 Designs make kydex concealed carry holsters and we’re always thinking about holsters since we make custom holsters. Our team thoroughly examines the cut of holsters, the material they’re made from, how they’re assembled, and of course, how they’re used.

Carrying a firearm can be accomplished in numerous ways, but two in particular are popular because of their ease of use and ability to be drawn quickly: inside-the-waistband holsters and outside-the-waistband holsters.


With advancements in compact firearm design, improvements to holster design, and lighter materials, On Your 6 Designs holsters have become a clear favorite with concealed carriers across the United States.



It appears pretty straight-forward to wear an IWB holster from the outside. Your pistol is concealed if you place the firearm between you and your pants’ waistband. It is important to place your pistol in the appropriate position, and to know how to position it.


Imagine your waist as a clock face: the belt buckle would appear between twelve and twelve o’clock, your hips would be between three and nine, and your backside would be around six o’clock. It’s possible to wear a belt-waist holster at arbitrary angles around your waist, but some angles are more comfortable and easy to draw from than others.


Finding The Right Position

In order to determine the correct position for your holstered firearm, you must first unload the firearm from its holster. You should be able to move as if you were doing your normal daily chores while wearing the holstered pistol. You might want to take a walk, get in and out of your car, sit in a variety of chairs, or bend, flex, and shift as you walk.

When doing all of this, keep an eye on where the pistol sits against you, and if possible, ask a friend or partner to make sure it isn’t caught on your clothing or exposed by your regular movements.


In some cases, carriers choose to position their pistols at the three or nine o’clock position as this feels natural, while others choose to position them at the four or eight position, or even two or eleven. For your body type and for your comfort level, choose a position that is both concealed and comfortable.


Balancing Concealability With Comfort

While talking with clients and friends about concealed carry holsters, we realized the issue of comfort is perhaps the most prevalent reason why people leave their firearms at home. Inside the Waist Holster, if they dig into your side as you wear them, you’re more likely to leave them in your safe at home. Guns should never be left at home because they are useless to anyone but the person who has taken them.


There are several ways to improve the comfort of concealed carry beyond positioning the pistol holster properly. The first step is to wear a thick, full grain leather belt. With a thick belt, your pistol won’t warp and dig into your sides when it’s holstered. Using an undershirt is the next step. As a result, the grip of your pistol and holster won’t rub against you while you move.


A final consideration would be to position yourself in the most concealed part of your body. In many states, carry firearms concealed with holsters, or else the carriers can be charged with brandishing a firearm. The full concealment of a weapon keeps others relaxed because they don’t realize there’s a weapon in the room.


IWB holsters are designed for concealability on the hip. Despite the fact that some argue that holsters outside the waistband make you less of a threat, the reality is that they also make you easier to target. Several aggressors might pause when they see a pistol holster on your outside pants, but others may shoot you first so that they won’t have to worry about your family or friends.


You gain a tactical advantage when you use a holster that encloses a weapon so no one knows you have one with you until you use the weapon in self-defense. Until you engage an attacker, he is unaware of your ability to interrupt his plans.


Easy-to-use brands for IWB

It is true that some pistols blend better into the body than others when worn in an IWB holster, but the right holster can make concealing a firearm easier. Recently, pistol manufacturers have begun making concealed carry-friendly pistols.

As a result, many firearm manufacturers now offer concealed carry options in pistols that balance concealability and form. The ever more crowded concealed carry crowd features several brands that have produced pieces that stand out.

Seit it was first introduced in 2007, the German Walther Arms PPS has proved to be an excellent concealed carry option. Adding a t-shirt over your holster makes the PPS virtually disappear once you have it stowed away in your EDC set-up.

Nine mm ammunition can be stored in one magazine and an optional eight round magazine can be added, so carrying one to two additional magazines without adding weight or bulk to your belt is no problem. Even with its diminutive size, the PPS has been praised for its low bore axis and simple sights, making it a shooter who is fast and comfortable.



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