AME 2021 Application Form, Registration Form, Apply Now –

AME 2021 Application Form, Registration Form, Apply Now

An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer keeps aircraft in working order through maintenance ,repairs and inspections . The Federal Aviation Administration ,or FAA ,regulates mechanical work on aircraft ,and individual entering this field must meet specific training and certification requirements . Aircraft maintenance engineers must be prepared to carefully follow FAA regulations and work long hours on emergency repairs.

A flying bird has always fascinated the man. He built the machines in which he could fly in the air. A flying aircraft appeals to every eye. It is a matter of pride and prestige to be part of an industry and be in the minds of the people. Aviation personnel, be it pilots, aircraft engineers, technicians or airhostesses have always enjoyed an aura of exclusivity. Everyone wants to be part of some exclusive club. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering gives you a sense of achievement and a feeling of pride being technologically knowledgeable. All sophisticated aircraft are maintained and certified by AME’s. Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are that group of people who are highly trained, sought after and highly paid for. This profession gives prestige and satisfaction at each step.

How to get AME License?

To get AME License, applicant has to take two year basic training under CAR-147 Basic Training Organization after completing 10+2 with PCM or equivalent. After completing 2 years of basic training then applicant require 2 years of practical maintenance training on operating aircraft to meet the type training requirement as per aircraft rules and applicant has to pass all written modules and Oral examination conducted by CEO, DGCA for the licence of particular type of Aircraft.

AME Common Entrance Examination, Online Application, Registration Form has been released Click here to Apply Now:



AME CEE is the national level common entrance exam for admission in numerous engineering programs in the aviation sector i.e. AME, Aeronautical & Aerospace

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