All the Best Ways to Maximize Book Publicity

When it comes to book promotion services, few are as essential as publicity. It’s why top publishers and authors nearly always hire a professional book publicist for help. The most successful promotional efforts relay on a partnership between author and publicist to earn media coverage. At the same time, authors need to complement the publicity campaign with other aspects like social media posts. When everything works together, the result nearly always sparks book sales and raises the author’s visibility. In industry terms, author branding is a crucial secondary aspect of publicizing a book.

Traditional media outreach – TV, radio, magazine brands, and newspapers – remains the backbone of most high-profile book publicity campaigns. But it doesn’t mean the online world is overlooked. It’s because links to traditional media coverage are outstanding content for blogs, websites, and social media. They’re well known to draw clicks and also raise the perceived stature of an author or book. On the flip side, if a media outlet includes a link to an author’s website or online bookseller where copies are available for sale, it provides an instant boost. It’s why professional outreach to media is so crucial.

Expert book publicists are media junkies, which means they always read, watch, and listen to the news for inspiration about pitches and story angles. When developing an author’s reputation or brand, it’s vital to connect it to current trends and topics in the media. When authors are new to publicity and marketing, it can feel overwhelming. Its where professional publicists can help a lot. Communication between publicists and authors that is open and frequent generally works best. Starting with a plan is the best approach, but adaptations are typical based on what works best and can be expanded.

Being organized and conscientious when dealing with media is essential. When committing to an interview or important deadline, follow-through is a must. In the digital age, nearly every journalist runs an online search. It means book and author websites are a requirement, and they need to be up to date, professional-looking, and user friendly. Excellent site content includes media placements and reviews, It links to places where people can but the book, summaries, excerpts, and a well-written author bio. Downloadable press kits and author photos also are excellent additions for media.

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Smith publicity

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