All That You Wanted To Know About Urgent Care Center in Fontana, CA

Urgent Care centers (UCs) have evolved exponentially in the last 40 years as an alternative resource for patients in need of ambulatory care. With more flexible hours than other primary care doctors and more reasonable prices than emergency room visits, these clinics provide an intermediary to anyone needing effective and efficient medical treatment with less severe ailments or injuries. 

Perhaps its main feature, an urgent care center, delivers services on a walk-in basis. In order to seek treatment, no prior appointment is required. However, if you’d prefer, you may call before arrival. While clinics do not usually provide 24-hour service, most hold flexible hours of operation, starting early and finishing late- 7 days a week.

Urgent care centers are better equipped to aid cure non-life-threatening medical conditions and minor traumas. The variety of available care choices at a center can vary, but it must have on-site diagnostic services for a center to be certified. This includes, but is not limited to:

● · Blood work testing

● Serial EKGs 

● X-rays

● Intravenous procedures, etc

What to Expect

A visit to a top urgent care center is somewhat close to seeing your primary care doctor in several ways. The waiting rooms are luxurious, and it’s easy to check-in. Once you are called, you will be escorted by an attendant to a private location where your vitals are checked. A doctor’s consultation and any additional treatment which will need to be administered would accompany this. Highly trained nurses and physicians, specially trained in urgent care procedures, are prepared to treat adults and kids. Once medical care has been given, you share insurance information with the clerical personnel, conclude payments, and will soon be on the way.

Urgent care centers are often overlooked, yet they are extremely advantageous to receive efficient, effective, and affordable medical assistance. West Point Medical Center, the leader in urgent care centers, is ready to serve all of your family’s medical care needs. Our practitioners and staff are prepared to treat patients of all ages, from children to adults to seniors, commonly treating 70 percent of diagnoses observed in the emergency room, but with shorter delay and at a fraction of the expense. 

We provide affordable health care as an in-network provider for most insurance plans. If you’re without insurance, our straightforward self-pay pricing will go easy on the wallet. For more information and Urgent Care in Fontana, CA, call West Point Medical Center at 1-909-355-1296 today. 

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