Aircraft Maintenance Engineering : Admission Process, Eligibility & Career

AME Admission Process: 

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering : Admission Process, Eligibility & Career Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is a 3 years license program in which candidate has to do 2 1/2 years academic program in AME institutes approved by DGCA, Govt of India. A candidate has to follow the below AME admission process.

Criteria for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Admission Process
1.To take admission in AME, a candidate should satisfy the following criteria to take admission in AME institutes:-

2.Applicants must passed 10+2 with non-medical stream or equivalent approved 3 years engineering diploma in any stream or any higher qualification in science with Physics and Mathematics at the time of admission.

3.Applicants who are eligible for admission in B Tech Courses are also eligible for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering programme.
4.Applicants must not have colour blindness and any physical disabilities.
5.Applicants must have minimum 45% marks in 10+2 in PCM or equivalent.

What do you learn after taking admission in AME Course?

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is related to inspecting, testing and troubleshooting the problems of aircrafts. The candidate after taking admission in AME Institute will learn and earn knowledge about the aircrafts and its components. Aircraft have various components such as engines, fuselage, wings, radar system etc. There will be academic and theoretic programme as this course comprises of 2 1/2 years academic and 6 Month live training in flying environment.

Why to take Admission in AME Course?

It is good time to take in Admission in AME Course at this time as Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. The scopes of AME are very high as per the Government News circulating these days. The license of AME is valid in India and abroad in government as well as private sector. The requirement of licensed AME is high all over the world. As per the news, the total requirement of AME is around 7,54,000 worldwide in next year’s.

Here the following news which impacts on AME careers opportunity in India:-

1.Domestic growth rate of India in domestic is around 17.4% which leads to increase in requirement of the aircrafts. The increase in aircrafts will build more job opportunities for AME.

2.India puts first step in manufacturing of civil aircrafts which builds new opportunity to the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.

3.Flying air taxis in India will be a reality by 2020 which builds drastic career opportunities for AME.

4.Boeing and Airbus are setting up their MRO organisation which leads to large number of vacancies for AME.

5.Govt scheme like UDAN are promoting “Let the common citizen of the country fly”, which increasing air passenger which causes the requirement of new Aircrafts and AMEs.

6.At present time India is using approx 500 commercial Aircrafts and already ordered 1080 aircrafts which is going to deliver in next few years. It will increase 200% jobs for AME in India.

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