Adult film director shooting in rented house is mortified when a real estate agent shows up with a couple

Adult film star and director Holly Randall has spoken of a shoot that went horribly wrong , having rented a glitzy house she believed belonged to an NBA player.

Addressing Casey Calvert on Unfiltered Podcast, Randall said the crew were struck with Veral unexpected problem property, where they planned to shoot a porn movie for its website with the stars and Celeste Star Lux Cassidy.


She said she returned home one day to find a group of “big dudes” crashed into various sports around the house surrounded by empty liquor bottles after a possibly heavy one.

Holly Randall.  Credit: Instagram / @ hollyrandall
Holly Randall. Credit: Instagram / @ hollyrandall

Randall r called, “We’re coming back on Monday, and I guess he’d let his friends throw a party there over the weekend.”

“There are just people crashing all over the house, sleeping on sofas, there are empty vodka bottles.

”  So I have to go wake up all these fat guys and say ‘ Excuse me, you have to go, I’m shooting a porn here today.’ “

But when she finally managed to get rid of the strangers, another problem arose when a real estate agent entered through the front door of the house, which she said was located in Sherman Oaks, California.

The realtor showed up with a couple, ready to show them around – and clearly didn’t expect to find Randall there.

She continued, “He’s like, ‘ how are you?’ And I’m like, ‘ ho are you? I rent this space ‘. ” 

Credit: Instagram / @ hollyrandall
Credit: Instagram / @ hollyrandall

Randall explained the somewhat bizarre situation to the real estate agent, showing her the shed permit obtained from the guy she believed to be the owner of the property.

However, when they called the “owner” to try to get to the bottom of the matter, he completely denied any knowledge of her or why she was at home.

“  So they call this guy, and he denies knowing who I am, or how I got there, ” Randall said.

“  He says he doesn’t know who I am, he’s never heard of me before .

”  So they’re calling the cops on me for trespassing.” And they’re like, ‘ I’m going to get you arrested’, and I’m like ‘ but I got a license!

“I packed my van faster than you could f ***** imagine and pulled the f ** k out of there.” ” 

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