7 Dimensions of Wellness of Welfare for Organizations

The Wellness Wheel is a visual representation of the elements of well-being or organizational well-being. You want to treat the health and wellbeing of the organization equally, and you also want to address the health and wellbeing of employees, right?

Wellness and well-being are constructs or concepts. The Wellness Wheel provides a visual representation of these concepts or formulations. As an aid, the wheel works best when it is round.

The concept of a wellness wheel is usually used to visually depict how close a person’s life is when it comes to the different elements or dimensions of well-being or well-being. I think the same visual representation can be applied to wellbeing or organizational wellbeing. The wheels of wellness reflect wellness pitch the different elements or dimensions that make up the model of wellness or well-being used by an individual or business owner.

Since the Wellness Wheelworks great for portraying individual wellbeing, I would ask why it doesn’t work so well for the wellbeing of organizations. I think it can. Based on my reading of the literature, here is my attempt to portray the organization’s welfare wheel. As with individual well-being, the more balanced the steering wheel, the more balanced the well-being of the company. Just as individual well-being depends on the individual, I see organizational well-being as dependent on regulations.

These are the items that I believe belong to the organization’s wellness wheel:


This section covers everything related to leadership, such as style, effectiveness, support and evaluation of employees, independence, and job enrichment. Leadership development and a cohesive leadership team are also discussed.

Mission, vision, and values

The mission, vision, and values ​​of the organization are clearly articulated and employees know where and how they should fit within the organization.


Communication and feedback throughout the organization are clear, timely, and meaningful. Information flows freely in all directions.


Accountability is embraced throughout the organization

Creating value

The program creates value for all stakeholders in the organization

Environment, climate, and culture

The resources, programs, and policies that support employees are in place. The environment, climate, and culture of the workforce are all positive and supportive and all encourage innovation, creativity, and meaningful work.

Quality of the employee experience

Employees participate and feel appreciated and appreciated. Employees are given the tools and resources they need to do their jobs and consider their workplace a great place to work. The employees are encouraged to be original and the use of their strengths is also encouraged. All employees respect, care and support each other.

Positive management practices are crucial. Effective and successful organizations focus on employee experiences from as many different directions as possible. As a multidimensional concept, on-site wellness fits perfectly into this template.

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