6 Reasons Why Kids Should Have a Dog

There are many families who adopt a pet. A gesture supported by psychology that affirms the importance of the bond that can be created between children and four-legged friends

And having a pet at home is a choice that unites many families; often couples already have one before children arrive, or the presence of children becomes the pretext for adopting one. In any case, psychologists, pedagogies, and veterinarians agree that the relationship that is established between children and dogs is beneficial for the development and growth of children.

Obviously, it is very important to make a careful evaluation before adopting a dog or a cat, it must be a conscious choice and not made to indulge our whims or those of the little ones, because raising an animal requires commitment and care: the “furry” it is not a toy!
But if the whole family agrees and wants to take the responsibility of bringing a new member into the house, then why not take advantage of Christmas to put a cute puppy under the tree?

Why should children have a dog?
I recommend that if you are considering adopting a pet, remember that you will not have to abandon it when you are bored, when it will make you angry or if you have to go on vacation!

However, if you are convinced of your decision, remember that the little ones who have a four-legged friend integrate more easily into society, are more responsible and more sensitive: therefore they will be better adults!
Specifically, what are the reasons why children should grow up with dogs? We have identified 7 benefits!

More responsibility and discipline

All animals need care, and a dog even more than goldfish; Also they can not learn this by watching movies and series on Netflix, kissanime or by playing video games, therefore if the children learn to feed him, to brush him, to stroke him, and to take him for a walk, they will develop a greater sense of responsibility than those who have no one to take care of!
More sensitivity and empathy.

Growing up with an animal means developing empathy skills: since dogs do not speak, children learn to decipher their needs and this will allow them to be more sensitive and attentive to the needs of others.

Greater self-esteem
Little ones with low self-esteem will feel important by taking care of their pet, educating, and raising it!
Less stress and anxiety
Science has confirmed that animals are therapeutic, just think of the benefits obtained with pet therapy: among these, less anxiety and stress.

Less aggression
Children who grow up with dogs learn to manage their anger and aggression, and above all, they learn to accept diversity.

Better communication
Playing with your four-legged friend and sharing your secrets with him, especially if you are an only child, helps to fill the family communication gaps caused by lack of time.

More health
It seems that the pet strengthens the immune system of children because the dirt and microbes brought into the house by the four-legged friend would defend against allergies and infections.

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