5 ways to look younger on your budget

Makeup trends come and go, but there are things that are immovable (and they should remain that way), such as having fresh and luminous skin, an awakened look and defined contours. The makeup has a clear objective: to make the most of the features and rejuvenate the features, recovering their most youthful appearance. Sonia Marina knows this  , an expert makeup artist who works with  celebrities such  as  Ariadne Artiles , Paula Echevarría,  María Pombo,  Eugenia Silva and Eva González.  Now he reveals to us those ‘tricks’ and professional secrets to “manage to subtract figures from the DNI easily and quickly, at home and without having to resort to aesthetic medical retouching”, he says. These are the 5 steps to eliminate 10 years of the face

1. Prepare the skin

The luminosity in the skin is the key to rejuvenate any face. “The makeup foundation should bring freshness and juiciness to the skin, and it should cause a natural and not overloaded effect. Over the years, wrinkles become more visible if the skin is saturated with the product, so we should choose one base with a natural finish “. Sonia recommends her vegan makeup base Vital Skin.

2. Enhance the look

The mascara is essential to enliven the look and lift the eye. “To correct the symptoms of fatigue, use the concealer, softening the dark circles and causing a light effect that enlivens the look and refreshes it,” he adds and recommends the Expression Mask.

3. Frame the face

Enhance the look by marking the eyebrow and gradually filling in any gaps due to the absence of hair. “I like to work with an eyebrow pencil to achieve a better definition and a more precise drawing of the eyebrow. For a natural finish, do it with a tonality of up to three tones below the colour of the eyebrow, the tones are usually: ashes for blondes, and browns and reds for brunettes, chestnuts or redheads. “

4. Highlight the contours

“Solar powders give a very flattering tone to the skin, but they also help us to make the cheekbones look higher. Apply them in the upper area of ​​the cheeks, projecting the product towards the temple or in the center of the cheek if you want. bring more youthfulness to the skin. ” Her preferred product is Bronzing Powder Deep Terracotta Powders. it will help to you get glowing skin and you will be happy to tell other how many days old am I today

5. Projects the lips

The lipstick is one of the best allies of women. “It helps to highlight their most feminine and sensual side. Throughout history, women have used lipsticks to enhance their lips and even lift their mood. Their favourite is the Seduction Lipstick.

Lips and how to get more volume

-Which shades should I banish and which ones to choose?

– “Undoubtedly the light tones and the shine provide greater volume on the lips. However, in the case of thin lips, I would not banish dark tones since with a subtle correction with an eyeliner above the natural lip line we can add thickness and volume without being noticed ”.

-What textures do the lips project the most?

– “Textures with a gloss or gloss finish”.

-What is the correct way to outline the lip?

– “The best way to outline the lip and make it easier for us is to first mark the center and then from the corner draw the line towards the middle until both are joined”.

Paula Echevarria peeks out with a luminous skin from Cosmopolitan magazine.

Eyes and how dark circles are hidden

-What shades of concealer should we use?

– “It must be two shades lighter than the makeup foundation so that, in addition to correcting, it illuminates the area. And depending on our dark circle, we will need the concealer to contain some pigments or others to neutralize it: Use the concealer with an orange hue when the dark circle is blue, gray or brown. They will also help you hide any dark stain or shadow that you have on your upper lip and cover brownish imperfections such as freckles, cloth, moles and blemishes. Yellow is ideal for neutralizing dark circles that are purple or violet, and for any imperfections that appear in that hue such as bruises or bruises. The salmon tone will help us cover all kinds of imperfections that have a greenish tone. It is also useful as a highlighter on light and dull skin.

-Is it applied before or after makeup?

– “After makeup.”

-Any trick to avoid the little wrinkles that form under the lower lashes?

– “Keep the area hydrated, do not saturate it with the product and avoid translucent powders if the area does not require it.”

One of Sonia Marina’s works.

The bags under the eyes and how we hide them

-Where should the concealer be applied?

– “It is applied to the entire eye area, but if you have bags the tone of the concealer must be very similar to that of the makeup base.”

-Can you use a highlighter on your cheekbones to hide puffiness?

– “In the same way that you have to avoid very light shades of concealer, you also have to avoid brightness so as not to pronounce the bag more”

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