5 Different Types Of Mobile Car Valeting Packages That You Will Find In The Market

Mobile Car Valeting in London is basically the process of getting your car valeted by professionals who come to your house or even your business. The whole purpose of giving you at-home valet services is that so you would not have to take your car to the mechanic’s garage in order to get the valet done.

There are five different types of valet packages that are available in the market from which you can choose and get done for your car.

1.      Basic car washing with water and without water:

Different car dealers offer different types of basic car washing services to their customers. Some basic car washing might include washing the wheels, rims and even wiping down lightly the interior of the car. But then again the things that you get in basic car washing all depend on your car detailer. Sometimes, the detailers also offer car washing without actually washing it with water. They simply wipe down the exterior of the car with a microfiber cloth and categorize it under basic car washing.

2.      Full Car Interior Detailing:

Most people don’t care about the exterior condition of their vehicle. They believe that since they are going to sit inside then why to spend money on detailing the outside. Even if you get the exterior cleaned then again it is going to get dirty in no time. Typically, car interior detailing includes shampooing of the seats and the floor mats, conditioning the leather seats, if you want then changing the cover of the seats as well, wiping down the interior, and removing any mould which has grown in the car when damp conditions are mixed with warm environments.

3.      Full Car Exterior Detailing:

This package is for those who always love to have a flawless and shiny-looking car from the outside. It usually comes with a thorough wash in which you either wash the vehicle with a pressure washer or soap or you just use a microfiber cleaning cloth for giving it a thorough cleaning. Washing is done from top to the bottom of the car meaning that first the body is cleaned and then the wheels and the rims are thoroughly cleaned. The next step is waxing the car which is done to give a glossy and a shiny finish to it along with giving protection to the body of the vehicle.

4.      Full Car Detailing:

This package includes both the interior and the exterior car detailing. In this, you will get a complete wipe down of the interior including shampooing and conditioning of the leather seats. Washing the car’s exterior and then waxing the body for giving the paint extra protection.

5.      Car Restoration:

It involves the detailed restoration of every single component and system. Many car detailers do paint correction, window tinting, apply a sealant to the vehicle so that it lasts a long time. This service usually takes about a week to fully service the car depending upon its condition.  After this servicing, the car leaves the showroom fully restored and looking new.

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