4 Commercial Window Tinting Mistakes You Should Avoid

Commercial window tinting in Sydney is a worthwhile investment that helps render a sophisticated look to the property while often reducing utility costs. One small mistake can completely spoil the aesthetics and functionality of the window tint.

Here we share some common mistakes and misconceptions that you should be aware of when choosing which window tinting to install.

1. Not Choosing the Right Type of Window Tint

There is a broad range of choices available when it comes to commercial window tinting. Take your time, do your research and choose wisely. Every tint is different, they offer a variety of benefits depending on what you need for your business. Not choosing the right one may fail to deliver the results you want, resulting in you having to start over.

First, it is important to determine why! Why do you want to install window tinting? Is it for:

  • Heat reduction
  • Fade reduction
  • UV protection
  • Security
  • Privacy

Once you know the why, it is much easier to pick the most suitable window tint to install.Secondly, you should consider the overall look of the property before choosing the window tint.

2. Going Too Dark

Many commercial property owners think that installing the darkest window tinting will deliver greater privacy and protection from ultraviolet rays. That is simply not true. High-quality clear window tints can block up to 90% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Privacy film tints are a perfect choice if you want privacy,they will also help minimize. Going too dark may not be ideal for many commercial properties, some darker window tints can even attract penalties under Sydney’s laws.

3. Installing a Window Tint You Cannot Maintain

While most window tinting films are easy to maintain, some varieties require maintenance. If not cleaned or maintained as per specific procedures, you can damage and possibly even destroy the window tint.

Make sure you ask the installers enough questions, to ensure you understand any maintenance requirements before deciding on a window tint.

4. Choosing Cost over Quality

Quite often, business owners make the mistake of installing the cheapest window tint. Unfortunately, many cheap window tint films are of mediocre quality and don’t last as long. Many times, you will have to replace the window tint, resulting in you spending more money.

Hiring an experienced and professional commercial window tinting company in Sydney, like North Shore Window Tinting can help you avoid these mistakes.

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