12th Students with PCM can also opt for AME Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Courses Option for 12th PCM Student in India


What courses must be chosen after the 12th? is the common question that arises among the student who is appearing or passed 12th standard. This question every year must be in mind whether they belong to India and foreign countries. The main key role must be that what the student is passionate about? We have noticed that when a student follows their passion or interest they achieve more success. The confusion between the students prevails concerning career scope, prospects, salary, job opportunities, etc. Choosing the course option shall never be a matter of convincing it must be a highly motivated choice of the students. 


If a student is appearing or passed from 12th Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics and passionate about the aircraft so these days a new course is in the limelight amongst the generation of student is Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course. This course has created the buzz as the aviation sector is developing so perfectly in the right direction and this course is lesser-known so great career opportunities are waiting for the skilled AME. 


Aircraft is one of the means of transport which is considered as one of the safety and less time taken transport. It comprises numerous tiny and big components that must be regularly maintained for safety and security purposes. To pursue this work, AME engineers are hired. The work profile of the AME engineer is to maintain, repair, rectify, and solve the issues of the aircraft. Before every flight, the airworthy condition must be satisfied and skilled AME has to sign the certificate to release the aircraft then only the flight can take off.


India requires skilled AME in huge numbers as the aviation sector is growing so quickly as the air traffic is increasing gradually. A lot of people start traveling by aircraft as it is more comfortable. UDAN scheme also helps a lot in the cut-off of the airfares which let the common people fly in the sky. The student can take admission for this program through Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Common Entrance Exam (AME CEE) to get admitted in one of the prestigious DGCA, Govt. of India approved AME institutes with up to 100% scholarship in India. DGCA is the body that regulates the rules in civil aviation under the Ministry of Civil Aviation. 


Why Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course?


The other question that is being asked in mind is Why this course? Is it beneficial for my career? How it is different from others? The answer for those who are choosing Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is that the course is one of the fresh courses and not much competitive world as compared to other courses. Most of the students who are student 12th don’t have any idea about this course. It is one of the unique courses which became popular due to mesmerizing growth of the aviation sector.


The Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course in India comes with immense benefits for those who are looking forward to touching the sky and love aircraft. When you love the aircraft it became easy for the student to work on them. Everyone has their perception when it comes to a career for some students salary matters and some else career matters so we are going to thoroughly describe the benefits of choosing Aircraft Maintenance Engineering after 12th.


Let us talk about the eye-catching benefits for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering which every student wants to know before undergoing the admission process:


  • International license: Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is the course that offers an international license which means AME are eligible to work in the private and govt. aviation sector worldwide.


  • AME Salary Package: Aviation is one of the sectors that are heard for their luxurious lifestyle as the salary packages are attractive. Same with the AME course, they earn a great salary package.


  • AME Job Opportunities: AME have vast job opportunities worldwide in the Airlines, Aircraft Manufacturing Companies, MRO Organizations, Aircraft Part Manufacturing Companies, Aircraft Operational Organizations, Aviation Training Centres, Civil Defence Forces, etc. 


  • AME Scope: India is one of the countries that has developed in aviation and caught the world’s eyes. The AME scope has increased as many Aircraft Manufacturing Companies have opened their MRO organizations. Under the UDAN scheme, 100 new airports are going to be built in India which leads to thousands of new opportunities for the skilled AME.  

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